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Beginner’s Blackjack Tips


No matter if you are playing online or in a real casino, the blackjack game will favor the dealer. If both of you bust (your sum and the dealer’s sum is greater than 21), you lose. However, the blackjack tables are always filled with players that try to beat the odds with the help of the blackjack strategy tips. By following the next simple rules and blackjack tips, you might be a winner in this game also. Many experts give their opinion, and some of those hints are also useful for beginners.

  1. Find a table where you can bet less than 5 % of your bankroll. This is one of the most important money management blackjack tips, but you can also apply it for other games. You might also look for a table that offers all the common options of a blackjack game, including split, double or fold. One of the first blackjack tips is to check the rules. While the majority of tables offer all those options, you might be tricked to play a table that offers a limited number of possibilities.
  2. Remember that the dealer is obliged to hit for any combination with a sum lower than 16. Use the blackjack tips only if the dealer is in this situation. You can also hit for any sum below 17, if a dealer has strong card (meaning 8 or more). If the dealer has a small card (under 8) and a sum of 16 or less, you might think to Stand, as the dealer bursts in 40 % of cases.
  3. The Doubling Down option is used if you have a good card and you think the dealer has a weak one. Double whenever you have a 10, and the dealer has a smaller card. If the rules and the casino allows, you might also think about doubling down a 9.
  4. If you have two strong cards of the same value, the blackjack tips say to double, no matter what the cards of the dealer are. However, small cards are not suited for splitting, as you decrease your chances of needing a third card and you might end up with a small sum.
  5. In the real casinos, always tip the dealer. Despite the general beliefs, dealers are not paid so well, so they are depending on your generosity. An experienced dealer could incline the balance in your favor or the casino’s, and you will surely need a friendly dealer on your side. Especially before the hands that you consider important, it is better to show your generosity to the dealer. 
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