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Winning With MIT blackjack


If you have studied at least one blackjack guide, you are maybe familiar with the MIT blackjack strategy. If you don’t know it, you should see the interesting movie that explains this strategy. Even if you don’t like the blackjack game, you will probably be fascinated by the great interpretation of Kevin Spacey in this great movie. In this movie, a group of MIT students goes to Las Vegas to cheat the casinos for incredible money. Things are great for a while, until a part of the team decides to rebel. However, the most important part of this movie for you is the MIT blackjack strategy, as you could also apply it if you are smart.

The MIT blackjack strategy was applied for the first time during the 60’s, when Professor Edward Thorp published a book on this topic. The book was an instant success, revealing several methods to apply the MIT blackjack. Of course, the casinos took preventive measurements against people using this strategy, but people were able to apply it for several years. The MIT blackjack strategy is specially used for the game 21, also known as Blackjack. This strategy was also improved by other smart players, and became a national hit in the 80’s.

At the beginning of the 80’s, encouraged by the few electronic devices introduced by the casinos, some great teams applied the MIT blackjack strategy in the Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos. However, until 1988, every casino was aware about the technique, so the players were not able to apply it anymore. Today, you can’t apply this strategy in any casino of the US, but it is surely a great idea to know the MIT blackjack strategy if you want to develop other original strategies.

However, the new casinos are always exposed to this technique. In 1992, the Foxwood casino opened in Connecticut. Some great teams profited by the lack of experience of the casino’s officials, counting cards for some serious money until the end of 1993. However, by the end of that period, the members of the team were known all over America, so their MIT blackjack strategy became useless.

In 1994, a part of the legendary team that ravaged Foxwood decided to form another group called The Reptiles. The group was formed by MIT students, so it was easy for them to apply the MIT blackjack strategy. They managed to sweep away million of dollars, being exposed only in 2002. In our times, several of those players formed their own teams, and you can see them across America looking for new casinos to play this type of MIT blackjack.

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