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Blackjack Strategy Tips And Hints


  1. Use the basics

Sometimes, the cards in your hand might look so good, so you will be tempted to renounce your basic strategy and to go with the inspiration. While this technique might work once or twice, one of the most important blackjack strategy tips is to stick with the initial strategy. Blackjack is one of those games where brains are more important than luck, so you will have to leave your superstitions at home if you want to be successful.

  1. Search the best tables

One of the blackjack tips that is not so well known by the beginners. Your goal is to win money, but your comfort and relaxation are determining factors. A table with a distracting lady wearing a huge décolletage and a noisy drunk citizen that protests for each hand is not such a great choice for a player like you that needs to concentrate, so take your time, and find a table that suits your needs. Look at the dealer also. If you don’t like him or her, feel free to switch to another table.

  1. Use insurance only for card counting

The Insurance in Blackjack is known as a loser’s bet. It is only a waste of money, and you will rarely feel inspired for taking it. However, if you are counting the cards and you are able to anticipate the next cards, the blackjack strategy tips guide recommends you to take this option.

  1. Use a smart money management strategy

This is one of the blackjack strategy tips that are also useful for other games, such as poker, or even slots. The money management strategy is a concept that is not connected with the type of game you play. This strategy makes sure you are only losing money you afford to lose, and your bankroll is preserved. For example, if you have 100 dollars on your bankroll, never bet more than 1 dollar at once, and leave the table if you have lost 10 dollars in a single playing session. This is the 1:100 rule, and you can apply it for other sums also. Of course, you don’t need to play over your bankroll also, with borrowed money from your friends or with the money stolen from your mother’s card.

  1. The dealer is your friend

Maybe the most important of the blackjack strategy tips. The dealer can influence the game in your favor, even if this is an illegal practice. Observe the dealer according with the blackjack strategy tips, and see if it is experienced. An experienced dealer knows how to favor one player or another, and we don’t have to tell you who would be his favorite. 

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