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Crap rules – Some terminologies you need to know

This article is worth reading for you if you are casino enthusiasts in general and has particular interest in playing craps. Worth mentioning here right in the beginning of this article that there is quite a lot of information to remember when we talk about the casino game known as craps. More specifically, this article will enable a beginner to play craps professionally as it would help players in craps rules. So, keep reading to find out about the rules of this game.

Master the betting

The hardest part about learning the rules of this game is betting and once you have mastered that the other rules of this game are not difficult at all to master. Before we go into that, it is worth noting here that this game is played by several players at a time. However, same is not the case with online craps. So turning to our original topic of discussion which is rules, you need to know that there are two dices in the game of craps. In addition to that, there are several rolls which have a quite a bit of significance in the whole game. In this regard, you definitely need to know the significance of three, eleven and twelve, to name a few. Of all these rolls, 7 is the most significant one. Therefore, it has quite a role when it comes to betting in this game.

Some jargons you should know

In the craps jargon, shooter is the name given to the player and he is responsible for rolling the dice in the game. Talking about further terminologies, if the value on the two rolled dices is the same then it is called a hard roll. On the other hand, soft roll is referred to the situation in which the values differ on the dices. When we talk about online craps, bets are placed with the help of a mouse. The bet is placed on the pass line or the other way around which is don’t pass. The outcomes differ on the value of the dices. So, what are you waiting for?

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