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Changing The Roulette Odds


This article has the purpose of showing you how to incline the roulette odds in your favor. You probably had some losing sprees during your career, and those moments when you are losing one hand after another are really annoying. On the other hand, even if you see you don’t have a great day, you can’t stop from betting. Here are a few advices about changing the roulette odds in your favor. However, before analyzing the roulette odds, we should talk a little about the game rules and roulette tips.

You should try to learn the odds to determine the probability of a combination to be successful. People want to increase their earnings gradually, and one of the best advices would be to develop a great money management strategy. This way, you will cancel the advantage of the house, which is the best method to incline the roulette odds in your favor.

Know the Stats

Knowing some basic statistics is also useful if you want the best roulette odds. However, it won’t mean you will win every time. You should also consider the type of the game. The American roulette has 38 slots, while the European roulette has a lower house advantage with 37 slots. Your calculation should start from here. The European roulette is older, as it is already played for 300 years now, while the American roulette was invented by the American casinos, scared about the huge earnings claimed by the players at the beginning of the century. Considering the extra “0” slots, we could say the European roulette has better odds for you. However, the American roulette offers you increased earnings. For the beginners, the roulette odds are more important than the potential earnings, so the European roulette is recommended.

Let’s start calculating the roulette odds with simple reasoning. If you have 20 black numbers winning in a row, what are the odds of getting a red number for the 21st spin? Yes, you are right, the chances are 1:2, and there you have it, your first roulette odds calculations based on reasoning. The live roulette has no memory of previous spins. On the other hand, the online casinos roulettes have a memory, and they are also generating the winning numbers in order to preserve their earnings. This is why you should always bet against your companions. If everybody bets black, the roulette would probably generate a red number, and you should incline the roulette odds in your favor by choosing a number of this kind. 

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