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Winning Tips On Roulette


The roulette is a fascinating but also a dangerous game. However, even if this game is mostly based on luck, you will discover some players that win all the time, and you will observe we are talking about the same players every day. Those players know the tips on roulette, and if you know them also, you have the chance to become one of the roulette guru’s.

Roulette tips:

#1 – Find a new online casino and try to apply the tips on roulette there. You have probably seen those annoying beta programs that never work. Well, the software used by the new casinos is not in beta testing, but they surely have some deficiencies that can be exploited. Read the blogs and forums, and if you see the players talking favorably about a new casino, it is probably the one for you. Apply the roulette winning tips there, as you have increased chances to win.

If you like playing in the real casinos more, you should apply different tips on roulette. Try to detect those old roulettes with slots that were worn, as this slot will surely influence the ball. You can also test the roulettes using the infrared devices, but the majority of casinos have increased security protection measurements imposed against those devices. Moreover, you will be warned even before entering the casino about this matter, and if you are caught, you will be thrown out of that casino forever.

#2 – Pay attention to the events around you. One of the best tips on roulette is to find an experienced dealer. Some of those dealers are spinning the wheel for ages now, so they have a certain method to throw the ball and to spin the wheel. It is not a matter of inexperience; it is a matter of boredom. An experienced eye might predict the result of the throw. Of course, those tips on roulette can only be used for table where you are allowed to bet after the ball was thrown. If the dealer throws the ball and spins the wheel in the same way for each round, you will be able to determine the result. Usually, the ball spins twice around the roulette and then it hits a slot, jumping in one of the neighbored slots. Use the tips on roulette to calculate the possible result for each throw. This is called the dealer’s signature, and it is one of the most important tips on roulette if you want to predict the result. 

#3 – Don’t buy roulette systems! As you can see, the tips on roulette stated here are free. Any person having a system that is 100 % sure would not sell it for a few bucks. Of course, some money management techniques might be helpful, but you will surely find some great free advices also. 

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