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French Roulette Tip For Beginners


The French roulette is different from the American one. Well, the difference is not that huge, as we are only talking about the extra “0” slot that the American roulette has. While some players say that the extra “0” is a huge advantage for the house, lowering the chances of the players to win, the majority of them say the extra “0” makes the game more challenging. Let’s see a simple roulette tip that will help you to win at the French roulette.

Roulette Wheel

The American and the French roulette tables look practically the same, except for the extra “0“slot. The metal ball is spun by the dealer in the same way, the bet tables are the same, and the players are able to place the same bets. You will be allowed to place bets on red/black, odd/even, small/big, and a roulette tip working for the American roulette will surely work for the French one too. However, the next roulette tip exploits the increased chances of winning at the French roulette. In order to understand the roulette tip, you will need to understand the roulette odds and payouts.

  • The column bet pays 3:1. You can place a bet of this kind on one of the three columns, each of them having 12 numbers.
  • The corner bet is a bet placed on 4 numbers. A great roulette tip is to place a bet of this kind for every round, as those bets have increased chances of being won. The corner bet pays 1:9
  • The Dozen is another name for the column bet
  • Odd/Even is a simple bet that doubles your stake if you win it. A roulette tip would be to place a backup bet of this kind for each round. For example, if you have many bets placed on the odd numbers, it is a preventive idea to place a small bet on Even.
  • The Line bet is paid 6:1. This bet is placed on 6 different numbers.
  • The Split bet can be considered as two individual bets on two different numbers. The bet only pays 1:17, but you will claim it if one of the numbers win.
  • A square bet is only another name for the corner bet
  • The Straight bet is the riskiest but also the most rewarding. This kind of bet pays 35:1. The roulette tip tells us not to place this kind of bets if our budget is low, but a bet of this kind surely makes the game more interesting.
  • A street bet covers the horizontal rows, being paid 1:11. The French roulette is one of the most rewarding roulettes, so a great roulette tip would be to play this kind of game, especially at the beginning of your career. 
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